Dan/Дмитрий (icedrake) wrote in schlocktroops,

*how much* data?

So, at 32 million km2 and a density of 3Gb/cm2, you're looking at 9.6*1017 Gb for the total surface. Or, to cut down on the zeroes, 852.65 yottabytes.

For comparison's sake, in 2007 global data storage was estimated at 295 exabytes, or roughly 3 million times less than Osiri (and assuming a remarkable lack of filtering on the creators' part).

There is some debate on how much time it takes human knowledge to double nowadays (or how to measure the rate, or what units to use, or... or...), but if we pretend it's measured in sheer data volume and doubles every 15 years (a fairly conservative estimate, it seems), then humanity would use up its 852-yottabyte allotment by 2330.
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