seawasp (seawasp) wrote in schlocktroops,

Ulterior motive?

Ok, Petey, let's be honest now: the Toughs have generally followed reasonably moral choices -- given that they are, in fact, mercenaries, they still try to follow more than just the Maxims (though Tagon will often pretend otherwise) and do their jobs in the best way they can. A couple members of the group can probably be described as "sociopaths", but not most of them. It's not their fault that somehow the situations they're involved in end by spiraling up the Doc Smith Hazard Scale. Anyone else in their situations would either have failed, or ended up doing something like the same thing.

Unless you're defining mercenaries to be per se sociopaths, in which case you'll want an entire PLANET to retire ALL mercenaries to.
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