Howard Tayler (howardtayler) wrote in schlocktroops,
Howard Tayler

LTUE Sketchbook -- the Robot Pirate

Bobbi the Art Show Maven asked for a "robot pirate." Since all my robots FLY (it's ever so much easier than drawing feet) I had a pretty good idea what I was going to end up with. This one was an art-show coup for me -- it got posted behind Bobbi, and drew lots of comments from people who never made it all the way in to see the actual ARTWORK.

Bob-is-not-my-wife Defendi suggested that the robot be speaking "ARRRR" in binary, with a footnote. I realized that I didn't know what ARRRR would come out to in binary, so I scribbled some ones and zeros and did NOT footnote it, lest my mistranslation come back to haunt me. Sometimes I just don't have the cycles to do my own math, folks. If I had to pronounce what he's saying, I'd suggest "ooooo-Lollo." A fearsome pirate cry if ever a one (zero-one-one-zero) there was.
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