Howard Tayler (howardtayler) wrote in schlocktroops,
Howard Tayler

Schlockers in and around Livermore, California?

I'll be in Livermore California this next week, starting Wednesday night. Schlockers looking for a meet-up should post in here and discuss -- the only free time I have is Monday the 13th, but I'll be vehicular, and I'll have my drawing stuff. I'll also probably be tearing my hair out (yes, I've grown some hair up top) looking for chances to escape the madhouse that is the Family Reunion. After four days of it, who will blame me?

So... introduce yourselves to each other, and to me, and let's figure something out. I will allow myself to be plyed with food and (non-alchoholic) drink in exchange for artwork!


EDIT: I've posted a new thread with a proposed schedule. Please weigh in, pipe up, sound off, etc.

EDIT AGAIN: And now I've posted under everybody's comments, hopefully "tickling" your email addresses so you know to go to the new thread.
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