Kazriko Ruĝungo (kazriko) wrote in schlocktroops,
Kazriko Ruĝungo

Tagon wants you!

The next round of TDZK is starting up tomorrow, and Tagon's Toughs will be right in the middle of it! We did well last round, getting to 4th place on the Total EXP chart despite having less members than many alliances below us. We were also #2 in Average EXP as well as 10th in port raids. We look to do even better this round. Many people voted us the best of the new alliances in the game.

Join up in the game then sometime tomorrow look through the Alliance List for Tagon's Toughs. We should have instructions for applying for membership on our page soon after the start!

Anyone looking to get into an interesting multiplayer game and play with a bunch of us Schlockers is welcome to drop in. The only real requirements are an interest in Schlock, and the ability to communicate in complete sentences (without the use of abbreviations like u for you.)

If you tried the game before and didn't like it, give it a try again. We have a lot of resources now to help players get the hang of the game quickly and avoid excessive deaths.

-- Kazriko, Merchant Marine LtC.
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